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By on September 16, 2015

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Aims and objectives of social work training To provide a learning experience which will equip students
Cheap jerseys from China to practise social work in a variety of settings within the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors; To engender sensitivity to social divisions such as race/ethnicity, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation and competence in anti oppressive practice; To promote the importance of research and develop research aware practitioners who can both utilise research and undertake independent research, which they are capable of applying to the development and delivery of social work practice. Hear more from a recent MA in Social Work graduate: "I don’t think that I would be as confident in the job that I’m doing now had it not been for my experience at university. I had two placements, one in the voluntary sector, one in the statutory sector, and both were crucial to my learning
Cheap jerseys really. And I think the theory side of the course . was really important because now when we’re writing reports we have to refer to research, we have to consider the theoretical implications of our work."

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